APIGO™ BIO Bio-based TPO Compounds

APIGO™ BIO Bio-based TPO Compounds are bioplastics with the same processability as fossil-based TPOs and provide high environmental benefits.

APIGO™ BIO are olefin-based thermoplastic bioplastics containing raw materials from renewable resources. These bioplastics guarantee the same physical-mechanical properties and processability as traditional fossil-based TPOs.

APIGO™ BIO materials include soft and rigid grades, special food contact approved grades and also have biocompatibility certification. APIGO™ BIO bioplastics offer significant environmental benefits by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon dioxide) and saving fossil-based resources for future generations.

The main technical characteristics of APIGO™ BIO Bio-based TPO Compounds are:

  • Rigid grades with hardness in the range of 40–70 ShD and flexural modulus range of 120–1300 MPa
  • Soft grades with hardness in the range of 70–90 ShA and flexural modulus range of 20–40 MPa
  • Medical grades with biocompatibility certification (ISO 10993, USP VI)
  • Special grades approved for food contact (EU 10/2011, FDA)
  • Good processability
  • Resistance to low temperatures
  • Environmental benefits measured with the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

They are used for applications in all common markets and provide good processability in injection molding, extrusion, hard-soft overmolding, extrusion blow-molding and film-blowing.

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