Rethinking Trinseo Latex Binders with CASE

Trinseo is “Rethinking Latex Binders” with its future-oriented, dynamic segment known as CASE – or Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers. Our high-performance latex binder technologies are built on more than six decades of expertise and global reach in these industries.

CASE Latex Binders provides high-quality products and custom solutions and services to the market. Together with our customers we develop something better, smarter, more advanced and sustainable.

Trinseo’s experienced team and quality showcase the company’s ability to push the boundaries and adapt to new industry requirements through innovative solutions for challenging applications. Our offerings address megatrends such as electric mobility, urbanization, energy conservation, and sustainable materials. CASE creates cost-efficient latex binder solutions that address both, high performance and environmental requirements in parallel.  

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Infrastructure Best in Class Consistency and Reliability Latex Modified Concrete (LMC) is in a class by itself meeting all critical requirements for concrete bridge decks, highway overlays or temporary roads, parking decks, and other infrastructure applications. Trinseo’s styrene butadiene latex solutions, such as Modifier A™/NA offer proven advantages as a performance-enhancing additive in modified concrete systems.
Building Materials Innovative Solutions to Rely On Our customized dispersions provide key properties, such as mechanical strength, elongation, adhesion, waterproofing and chemical resistance, workability, and open time. Trinseo CASE Latex Binders deliver the highest performance, while fully meeting industry standard compliances (e.g. ETAG) and the ever-increasing environmental requirements such as lowering VOC emissions to comply with EMICODE® standards.
Adhesives Outperforming and Sustainable Our customized portfolio for adhesives ensures best performance in properties such as adhesion, cohesion, peel and tack as well as aging resistance under harsh conditions such as high temperature or wet environments. Consistent quality and stringent regulatory compliance for labels, tapes, and packaging, for caulks and sealants, and for wood assembly applications means customers can rely on and trust in Trinseo binder solutions.
Coatings First-to-Market and Durable Applications for interiors and exteriors, direct-to-metal coatings, primers, and roof coatings benefit from our binders’ flexibility, sustainable formulations, low VOC, formaldehyde-free systems, durability of UV, color, dirt resistance, crack and peel resistance – remaining compliant with current and future material regulations.
Fiber Bonding High-Qualitative and Versatile Superior performing products in formaldehyde-free variations with a broad range of stiffness and softness attributes, ensuring high alkaline resistance, outstanding processability and consistency. Trinseo latex binders deliver enhanced performance in fiber bonding applications such as glass fiber mesh and veils, roofing membrane reinforcements, abrasives, footwear, filtration, and others.
Specialties Tire Cord, Batteries, Oil & Gas Our binder solutions allow for the optimum control of performance- and lifecycle-critical parameters, such as adhesion, ionic conductivity, water absorption, chemical resistance, gas migration, and rheology control in highly specialized applications such as tire cord, lithium-ion batteries, or well cementing.

Designing Sustainable Latex Binders for Textiles

In the past, the world of Latex Binders for carpet and flooring applications orbited mostly around the production, sales, and specification of carpets, machinery, yarns, or backings. But in recent years, new trends and developments have changed the industry. Sustainability is the most important topic — including a thought-through waste management, eco labeling and lifecycle analysis, on top of technological and economic concerns. Trinseo has an ongoing commitment to designing lifecycle sustainability into Latex Binders.

Broad Portfolio for Paper and Board Applications

Trinseo spearheaded the development of latex binders for paper and board over 60 years ago – and has been helping customers with cutting-edge technology ever since. We provide high-performance latex coatings for board, graphical paper, and specialty paper, as well as liquid packaging board to customers all over the world. Our state-of-the-art research and development centers and application laboratories ensure that we, along with our customers, stay close to innovation.

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