Latex Binders for Paper and Board Applications

Trinseo offers a broad portfolio of styrene butadiene latex and styrene acrylic latex binders for paper and board applications. 

Trinseo spearheaded the development of latex binders for paper and board over 60 years ago – and has been helping customers with cutting-edge technology ever since.  

In the six-plus decades since we brought the first carboxylated latex for paper to market, we have remained at the forefront of new technology development. We provide high-performance latex coatings for board, graphical paper, and specialty paper, as well as liquid packaging board, to customers all over the world.  

Trinseo is a global leader in the design and production of binders solutions that meet complex customer needs. Because every customer works with a unique configuration of applications, formulations, equipment, and goals, we build on a broad portfolio of styrene butadiene latexstyrene acrylic latex, and solid-sphere plastic pigment to deliver high-quality, efficient solutions – or create new ones. Our state-of-the-art research and development centers, application laboratories, and pilot coaters ensure that we, along with our customers, stay close to innovation. 

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Coated Woodfree

Trinseo LIGOS™ binders enhance the surface of a variety of coated woodfree paper improving areas such as brightness, gloss and opacity, tactile properties, printability and image quality.

Coated Mechanical

Trinseo LIGOS™ binders coating application and finishing expertise allows us to develop products with improved performance for coated mechanical paper

Virgin Cardboard

Trinseo offers LIGOS™ binders for coated virgin cardboard. Customers rely on Trinseo to improve brightness uniformity, reduce coat weight and improve print performance.

Recycled Board

Customers choose Trinseo LIGOS™ binders to optimize glueability, stiffness and scoring, and enhance ink and varnish performance for recycled board.

Coated Liner

Coated liner producers look to Trinseo to provide high-performance latex coatings for their specialty paper application needs.

Carbonless Paper

Trinseo LIGOS™ binders coat carbonless paper and enhances the transferability of the written information on the front onto sheets beneath.

Thermal Printing Paper

Thermal printing paper is used in credit card terminals around the world, and Trinseo latex binders aids the coating so that paper can change color when exposed to heat.

Release Liner

Release liners depend on strong coatings to prevent a sticky surface from prematurely adhering, and Trinseo LIGOS™ Binders provide strong bonds.


Trinseo’s expertise in paper coatings provide solutions to the wallpaper market including improved brightness and optimized glueability.

Decor Paper

Trinseo provides SA solutions for decor paper used for surface decoration in modern housing and furniture applications.


Trinseo LIGOS™ binders improve tactile properties, printability and image quality for laebls.

Flexible Packaging

The flexible packaging industry requires coatings that meet food safety standards, and Trinseo experts are there to meet these requirements with their LIGOS™ binders.

Masking Tape

Trinseo LIGOS™ binders provide the high-performance necessary for an easily released pressure-sensitive adhesive used in masking tape.


Abrasives applications such as sandpaper and glasspaper require the high-performing strong bonds that Trinseo provides in their LIGOS™ binders.
LIGOS™ Binder Solutions Brochure

LIGOS™ Binder Solutions Brochure

Latexes for Coated Paper & Board

Latexes for Coated Paper & Board


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