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Apilon 52c

APILON 52 C are urethane-based thermoplastic elastomers (TPE-U or TPU) developed for the production of synthetic fabrics by dissolving them in solvents and then subsequent coagulation.
They stand out for their excellent physical-mechanical characteristics which make them unique for their toughness, abrasion resistance, flexibility and elasticity at a range of working temperatures.
APILON 52 C includes soft and rigid grades (ester-, ether-, and hybrid ester-ether-based); special polycarbonate-based grades and other innovative grades which are the result of polymer alloys (also bio-based grades).


Conveyor belts


APILON 52 ® characteristics


  • Rigid grades with loading at 100% of elongation (ASTM D 638) 16-30 MPa
  • Medium grades with loading at 100% of elongation (ASTM D 638) 8-10 MPa
  • Soft grades with loading at 100% of elongation (ASTM D 638) 5-6 MPa
  • Range of customizable viscosities: from very low (LV low viscosity grades) to very high (HHV high viscosity grades)
  • Special grades with ultra-high resistance to hydrolysis, microbes and bacteria
  • Tailor-made grades for special applications
  • Recyclable

Transformation technologies:


  • Coagulation
  • Coating


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