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API has a long tradition in the footwear sector basing its success on a series of ground-breaking products and solutions which provided both improvement and innovation.
Examples are the first application of reticulated and expandable polymers allowing for the production of extremely lightweight items with excellent physical-mechanical properties which have been put to great use in sports footwear.

API has also been highly focused on thermoplastic polyurethanes TPU which are available in a wide range of products containing the properties that are most commonly required in this sector:
• a vast range of hardnesses starting from 40 Sh A
• a variety of densities
• specific grades for security
• various effects such as grades suitable for shiny/opaque and grades created as a substitute for vulcanised rubber
Specific masterbatches for thermoplastic polyurethanes have been developed so as to supply customers with a uniform finished product produced in the kinds of timescale required by the footwear sector.

Recently API has created the new bioplastics APINAT that combine excellent physical-mechanical properties with the clear message that protecting public health and the environment is a fundamental value which must be passed on to future generations.



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