Ahead of Trends

Trinseo’s ongoing investment in research and development in bio-based and biodegradable materials enables us to meet growing customer demands for sustainable apparel and accessories. In addition to fulfilling customers’ needs with eco-friendly soft elastomeric compounds that can easily be combined with hard substrates, we also meet end-consumers’ expectations with low odor performance and excellent resistance to washing and fading caused by UV radiation.

A Greener Approach

Following our Bio & Beyond philosophy, we are constantly working on more sustainable ways to help realize fashion trends. Embracing environmentally friendly plastics offers significant advantages by reducing the water footprint and waste, and lowering the emission of greenhouse gases and use of fossil resources. All while fulfilling consumers’ demands for a greener lifestyle and a better tomorrow.

Our many years of expertise allows us to provide customers with cutting-edge bio-solutions, enabling a solvent-free and plasticizer-free manufacturing process for both fossil and renewable materials.