NOTES ABOUT ART. 13 Decree-Law No. 196 of 30.06.2003


The undersigned company informs that , while establishing and continuing our business relations, we collect some data, also in verbal form, either directly or through third parties, which are qualified by our legislation as “Personal Data”

These personal data will be handled as follows:


  • data are treated only for contractual, pre-contractual or legal reasons and to manage more efficiently our commercial relations;
  • data are handled in writing and/or magnetically, electronically or by means of telematic tools; the submittal of the above mentioned data is compulsory as far as legal obligations are concerned and therefore the non submittal of such information could render it impossible for the undersigned company to proceed with commercial relations;
  • the non submittal of data, where not compulsory either by law or contractually, will be evaluated on each individual occasion by the undersigned company and the resulting decisions to be made will take into account the importance of the required data with respect to the management of business relations.


It being understood that there are always compulsory communications in compliance with legal obligations, data may be transmitted in Italy and/or abroad, to:


  • our agents network
  • factoring companies
  • credit institutes
  • credit recovery companies
  • business information companies
  • professionals and consultants
  • companies working in the transport sector


to the sole purpose of a better management of our business relations.


Data could be handled by all our internal operators in charge of following the business relations and duly chosen and instructed by the holder of handling rights.


  • data will be handled all through our contractual relations and further to comply with legal requirements or for future commercial reasons.
  • your company may exercise all rights pertaining to the aforementioned data as set forth in art. 7 of Decree-Law No. 196 of 30.06.2003
  • the holder of handling rights is: “A.P.I. APPLICAZIONI PLASTICHE INDUSTRIALI SPA” located in Mussolente (VI), Via Dante Alighieri n. 27.